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Furnace Oil (FO), also known as Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), is a type of residual fuel oil derived from crude oil refining processes. It is a dark, viscous liquid with a high density and a relatively high boiling point. Furnace Oil is commonly used as a fuel in industrial and commercial heating systems, as well as in certain types of power generation.

Viscosity: Furnace Oil has a high viscosity, which means it is thick and flows slowly. This viscosity can make it more challenging to handle and burn efficiently.
Energy Content: Furnace Oil has a high energy content, making it suitable for applications where a significant amount of heat is required, such as in boilers, furnaces, and industrial processes.
Combustion: It requires proper combustion equipment and techniques due to its high viscosity. Efficient combustion is essential to avoid incomplete burning, excessive soot, and emissions of pollutants.
Residual Content: Furnace Oil is a residue left after the lighter fractions of crude oil have been separated through distillation. It contains larger hydrocarbon molecules and impurities that were not removed during the refining process.
Storage and Handling: Due to its high viscosity and density, handling and storage of Furnace Oil require special precautions. It needs to be stored and transported at elevated temperatures to maintain its fluidity.
Environmental Considerations: Furnace Oil combustion can emit pollutants such as sulfur dioxide (SO2) and particulate matter. Therefore, its use may be subject to environmental regulations and emission controls.
Over the years, there has been a growing interest in shifting away from more polluting and less efficient fuels like Furnace Oil towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, such as natural gas, renewable energy, and cleaner forms of liquid fuels. This transition is driven by environmental concerns and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. As a result, the use of Furnace Oil has been decreasing in some regions in favor of cleaner alternatives.

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