Machine Cutting Oil

Machine cutting oil, also known as cutting fluid or coolant, is a type of lubricant and coolant used in machining and metalworking processes to aid in cutting, drilling, milling, and other operations involving metal removal. Its primary purpose is to improve the efficiency of the machining process, extend tool life, and enhance the surface finish of the workpiece. Cutting oil also helps dissipate heat generated during cutting, which reduces tool wear and prevents thermal damage to the workpiece.

Key functions and benefits of machine cutting oil include:

Lubrication: Cutting oil reduces friction between the cutting tool and the workpiece, preventing excessive wear and extending the life of the tool.
Cooling: It helps dissipate heat generated during cutting, preventing overheating and prolonging tool life.
Chip Removal: Cutting oil helps carry away chips and debris from the cutting zone, preventing chip buildup that can lead to poor cutting performance.
Surface Finish: The use of cutting oil can lead to improved surface finish on the workpiece, resulting in smoother and more precise end products.
Corrosion Protection: Cutting oils often contain additives that protect the workpiece and machine components from corrosion.
Reduced Friction: By reducing friction and heat, cutting oil can help minimize the risk of welding and sticking between the tool and the workpiece.
Improved Cutting Speeds and Feeds: Proper use of cutting oil can allow for higher cutting speeds and feeds, increasing machining productivity.
Environment and Health: Some cutting oils are formulated to be bio-friendly or have lower environmental and health impacts, reducing potential harm to operators and the environment.
Cutting oils come in various formulations, including mineral oil-based, synthetic, and water-based varieties. The choice of cutting oil depends on factors such as the machining process, material being cut, machine type, and environmental considerations.

List of Machine Cutting Oil

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